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Ik ga hier een waar gebeurd verhaal plaatsen, wat ik heb gekregen.


December 25, 2000…’01…


A Christmas Story…


In 1998, when we got the tree in this photo, I was going through chemotherapy, and we didn't know if we would be able to keep the tree even one day, because just about all smells made me very sick. The thought of throwing up over a Christmas tree was not very appetizing.
But, Peter wanted a tree. (He gets very attached to Christmas trees, and he has to be forced to take it down before Easter, by which time there are more needles on the floor than on the tree, and spiders have started building homes in the branches among the ornaments!!!)
Anyway, he realized that we might not be able to keep it, and he accepted that.
He also accepted that if I could tolerate the smell, we would get rid of it much earlier than usual, like in the beginning of January.

  • So, we got a tree. An ordinary tree, from one of those corner Christmas tree vendors that seem to pop up in various spots around town, about week before Christmas. It was a very pretty tree, and fortunately, I didn't react badly to the smell. I even had the energy to help decorate it. In the following weeks, I thought of how I might never see another Christmas tree again... I thought how super it looked, and stuck in my big "nest" chair, with no energy to do much, I would stare at it for long periods of time. Since Peter puts off taking down the tree for as long as possible, he certainly didn't suggest that we take it down, and this time, I didn't push him. So it stayed... And stayed!


  • Remarkably, almost no needles fell off. Around the beginning of February, we noticed tiny little pine cones growing on the tips of every branch. A couple of weeks after that, the pine cones burst, and from them grew tiny, bright green new branches. The new branches grew and grew. I took pictures of some of the new branches. Some of them grew to be more than 3 inches, (more than 8 cm.), long, before Peter finally took the tree down around the beginning of March. By then, neither of us wanted to take it down. It was like an omen, something wonderous that was telling us that I'd survive and go on living, just like it was.


  • I got very attached to that tree! When Peter finally took it down, he didn't just drag it down to the street to be picked up by the garbage collectors. We cut off all the branches, cut up the trunk into managable pieces, and put everything into big plastic bags. Then in the middle of the night, (so no one would see him), Peter went out with the bags, and scattered the branches and pieces of trunk across the street by the Alster. You can still see where the tree is if you know where to look... I look forward to decorating a new tree this year, but I don't think there'll ever be a tree as special as the tree of ’98!!!


The little fellow there, is hanging from one of the sprouting branches. He comes to you with love and hope and wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!!